Vidar our current breeding Male came from Helga & Rolo on our farm (see below)

He is an unregistered fullblood Maremma Sheepdog. He has been DNA tested and his results confirmed he is purebred.

Aylah is an unregistered female who produced our last litter. She was bred by Vidar and is on Michelle Johnson’s cattle farm in the Williamsburg area. She also completed a DNA test and her results confirmed she is a fullblood Maremma Sheepdog.

Anika  Is an unregistered female that we purchased from Wisconsin. She is our female breeder for our current litter (fall of 2022). Her parents, Tito and Poundcake are unregistered. Her father Titio can be traced back to registered parents. She has been DNA tested and her results confirmed she is purebred 100% Maremma.

Paternal Grandparents: Rizzino (Annika’s paternal grandmother) registered female x Benelli (Annika’s paternal grandfather) unregistered male from Finder Hampshire Farms in Kansas.

Her mother came from Penni Kite (breeder) in Kansasville WI.

Helga our female  (Vidar’s mother) is retired and from an unregistered Barrett (Female) x Benelli (Male)  from Finder Hampshire Farm in Kansas.

Benelli (Helga’s Father, Vidar’s maternal grandfather) is a registered male purchased from Janice Buttita out of Vincenzo x Donatella.

Barrett (Helga’s Mother, Vidars maternal grandmother) is an unregistered female out of the original pair Bonnie x Ruger (Vidar’s maternal great grandparents) whom were registered parents from Finder Hampshire Farm, Kansas.

Rolo 2018

Rolo our male is from a large registered working male and a rescued female he was born at Woodsong Naturals Farm, Virginia

Rolo’s rescued mother came from two reportedly registered unknown parents in the Shenandoah mountains near Skyline Drive of Virginia. Ragnar our first Maremma was her brother. Ragnar was an amazing LGD and what led us to want to start breeding. We purchased Rolo and Helga to start our breeding program because they came from farms similar to our own and their parents were successful, healthy, working dogs with no health issues.

He has been DNA tested and his results confirmed he is purebred 100% Maremma.